Smoke Control Area Exempt

In the 1950 and 1960s, Smoke Control Areas were declared in many large towns and cities in the UK to control emissions of smoke, dust and fumes from domestic and industrial properties.

If you live in Smoke Control Area with a non-exempt appliance, you are only permitted to burn authorised fuels. A list of authorised fuels can be found by visiting the DEFRA website . To burn wood, you would need to install a Smoke Control Kit in your non-exempt appliance. For further advice and information on this matter, please visit your local Nordpeis retailer.

Homeowners with a plentiful supply of wood may find that installing a dedicated wood burning stove or fire may be the ideal solution for them. If you are looking to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area, your appliance must be an exempt appliance (often referred to as Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas). Many stoves and fires from Nordpeis are suitable for use in these Smoke Control Areas.

Uno 1

Wood Burning Stove

The Uno 1 wood burning stove incorporates an elegant pedestal base, allowing you to enjoy the view of the flames at a higher level.

Uno 2

Wood Burning Stove

Featuring a log store base with clear glass panels, the uniquely styled Uno 2 wood burning stove is a highly efficient model.

Uno 4

Wood Burning Stove

The Uno 4 wood burning stove will create a beautiful addition to your home.

Duo 1

Wood Burning Stove

With superb contemporary styling, the Duo 1 wood burning stove features a Pedestal base and a large glass door and side windows that provide breathtaking flame views.

Duo 2

Wood Burning Stove

With 5kW of heat output the Duo 2 can heat a medium sized room and will suit both traditional or more contemporary interiors.

Duo 4

Wood Burning Stove

The Duo 4 not only offers exceptional 180° views of the flames but also features a fully enclosed ‘hidden’ log store underneath the firebox.

Duo 5

Wood Burning Stove

The Duo 5 stove boasts high elevations that not only represent a style statement but can provide up to 5kW of warmth.

Quadro 1

Wood Burning Stove

With suberb styling featuring an angular glass window dramatically wrapping around two sides of the stove, the Quadro 1 can be enjoyed from all aspects of the room.

Quadro 1T

Wood Burning Stove

The Quadro 1T wood burning stove features the same stylish pedestal base as its counterpart, the Quadro 1.

Quadro 2

Wood Burning Stove

Quadro is a sleek heater with elegant details. A wide-angle glass lens gives wide view of the fire from both sides.

Quadro 2T

Wood Burning Stove

The Quadro 2T wood burning stove will create an enticing corner feature.

Quadro 3

Wood Burning Stove

Effortlessly balancing form with function, the Nordpeis Quadro’s winning combination of clean styling and high performance heating epitomises Scandinavian design.


Wood Burning Stove

With high efficiency and ‘modern traditional’ styling, the Bergen offers a fresh alternative for heating in today’s homes.


Wood Burning Stove

The Nordpeis Glasgow’s elegant and versatile styling ensures it fits into a variety of interiors, ranging from the contemporary to the classical.

S-31A Odense

Wood Burning Fire

Easy installation in the home; whether in a corner, against a straight wall or freestanding in the middle of a room.