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Professional XQ™ Chimney Systems

Nordpeis recommends the Stovax comprehensive range of stove and fireplace chimney systems, the Stovax Professional XQ™ collection. Crafted from 304L grade stainless steel for a durable outer finish, the fully sealed components offer water tight protection for the insulation within.

With innovative decorative options, the ability to specify a colour for your system, and with a host of technical advancements such as its Twist-Lock system, the Stovax Professional XQ™ range provides an attractive, versatile and reliable solution for your flue system. Furthermore, the Stovax Professional XQ™ range carries a 10 Year Extended Warranty offering complete peace of mind.

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About Nordpeis

Nordpeis was established almost 30 years ago and we have been proudly incorporating our heritage and time honoured traditions into our exquisite stoves and fires ever since.

The Benefits of Wood Burning

Wood is an environmentally friendly fuel; when burnt, the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth.


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