• Air Fire Pit (365-004)

  • Air BBQ Grill (965-010) with optional wooden side shelves x 2 (965-118) and optional wooden shelf for log store (965-199)

  • Air - BBQ Grill (965-010) Vertically configured with 2 x Extension modules (965-032), optional wooden top (965-140) and 2 x optional wooden shelves (965-199) and additional tool rail (965-051)

  • Optional Sizzle Plate (965-233)

  • Optional wooden top (965-140) and log store shelf (965-199)

  • Windbreak & BBQ Grill

Air Fire Pits & BBQ Grills

Air Fire Pits & BBQ Grills

With its stylish yet practical form, the Nordpeis Air is a smart outdoor fireplace that can be selected in a host of configurations to suit your lifestyle, from a chic fire pit, functional BBQ or full outdoor kitchen.

Designed to burn natural firewood or charcoal, the Nordpeis Air will create the atmosphere at the centre of your outdoor experiences for years to come.

The BBQ Grill comes with a windbreak and steel grill for open-air cooking, plus a tool rail for hanging those essential barbecue utensils. To keep your barbecue looking its best, a supplied protective anti-drip strip can be fitted with ease, keeping oil and food away from the concrete base. An optional sizzle plate can be selected for a versatile cooking surface, while the extension modules can be used as a log store base for easy access to firewood to keep the heat going – or even configured for use as stylish bench seating in a horizontal configuration.

2 Year Warranty
Fire Pit (includes Protective Lid)
BBQ Grill (includes Log Store Base, Windbreak with Steel Grill & Anti-drip Strip, Tool Rail and Protective Lid)
Quality Concrete Shapestone construction
Optional additional extension modules can be utilised as storage or seating
Optional windbreak with steel grill and anti-drip strip available for Fire Pit
Additional tool rails can be purchased as required
Optional sizzle plate available
Optional wooden top and log store shelf available
Optional wooden side shelves available
Optional fabric protective weather covers available for Fire Pit and vertically configured BBQ Grill

Please note: Concrete may be liable to surface crazing. Whilst not a fault, if finish is not desired, repairs can be made with light/acrylic filler.

*We strongly recommend that you consider the local regulations regarding safety distances to buildings and vegetation before assembling the product and putting it to use. Please also be aware of possible local temporary fire bans during droughts. In the case that the Air is placed on a wooden or composite deck, we strongly recommend covering the floor around it with non-combustible material (minimum 50cm wide) in order to distribute weight, avoid embers leaving marks in the deck and in worst case fire.

Height: 1133 mm
Width: 1514 mm
Depth: 725 mm

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